English For SMK

Class X Vocational High School 
Semestes 1
  • Vocabulary 
  • Greetings and Leave Takings
  • Introducing
  • Thanking
  • Apologizing
  • Adjectives Showing Colours, Quality, Size, Shape, Age, Origin, Material
  • Profession and Nationality
  • Adjectives Showing Physical (Appearance), Non-Physical (Characteristics)
  • Nouns Showing Time, Day, Date, Month, Year
  • Cardinal and Ordinal Number
  • Adjective of Quality
  • Adjective of Size
  • Adjective of Shape
  • Adjective of Age
  • Adjective of Colour
  • Nationality and Profession
  • Adjective in Series
  • Description of Events
  • Antonym - Synonym
  • Words and Expressions used to Show Regrets and Apologies
  • Words and Expressions used to Express Sympathy
  • Adjectives for Expressing Feelings
  • Adjectines "-ing" vs "-ed"
  • Adjective Sets Expressions
  • Subject - Verb Agreement
  • Personal Pronoun
  • Simple Present
  • Singular - Plural
  • Words and Expressions Used In Asking For and Giving Permission
  • Modals + Auxiliary
  • Expression and Verb Forms Used in Commands and Requests
  • Responses to Commands
  • Expressions Used For Offering Things and Services

Semester 2
  • Vocabulary 
  • Words and Expressions Used In the Context of Telling or Describing Events.
  • Present Continuous
  • Future Continuous
  • Sentences Using "There + Be"
  • Prepositfion
  • Questions about Events
  • Expressions of Feelings/Opinions concerning an event
  • Samples of Memo
  • Samples of Menu
  • Words and Expressions to Explain Signs and Symbols
  • Samples of Time Table and Schedule
  • Degrees of Comparison
  • Pronouns and Reported Speech
  • Words and Expressions Used In Expressing Preference
  • Conditional Sentence Type 1
  • Words and Expressions Used to Talk about Capabilities
  • Words and Expressions Used In Asking For and Giving Direction
  • Preposition of Place
  • Will - Would
  • Can - Could
  • Samples of Invit ation
  • Parts of Personal Invitation
  • Contents, Style, Spelling, and Punctuation.

Class XI Vocational High School 
Semestes 1

Semester 2

Class XII Vocational High School
Semestes 1
  • Vocabulary 
  • Short Talks (Advertisement, Reports, Announcements, etc)
  • Antonym - Synonym
  • Affixes: Prefix and Suffix
  • Telephone Conversation about Reservation
  • Reservation Forms
  • Future Tense
  • Responses to Complaints
  • Expressions Dealing With Arrangement
  • Expressions Dealing With Confirmation and Cancellation
  • Modal Auxiliary "Would"
  • Expressions Dealing With Unreal Condition
  • Conditional Type 2 and 3
  • Subjunctive With "Wish", "If Only", and "Would Rather"
  • Answering Typical Questions Asked in Interviews
  • Presentation Skills
  • Manuals (Telephone Installation, Computar Installation, Maintenance and Repair, etc)

Semester 2
  • Vocabulary
  • Business Ducuments: Letters, Faxes, Memos
  • Synonym - Antonym
  • SOP from A Specific Workplace (Waiter, Receptionist, etc)
  • Samples of Business Letters
  • Parts of a Letter
  • Samples of Advertisement on Job Vacancy
  • Samples of Letters of Aplication


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hi,, I am a new english teacher at SMK,, I am so confused to make exercise,, I need "soal-soal bahasa inggris untuk SMK kelas XI" (multiple choise), can you publish that??

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Class XII Vocational High School

Ginimana itu, kok blm ada...?

Anonymous said...

why...why the matter cant be open ??

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